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Double Diaphragm Pumps

Put simply, the Verderair range is a great industrial workhorse pump

  • Air diaphragm pumps are versatile - They are good at moving more than one type of fluid. Providing the pump's materials are compatible, typically one Verderair pump can handle fluids ranging from low to high S.G, abrasive slurry, sticky syrups, corrosive chemicals, flammable hazardous fluids and even small solids.
  • Highly mobile - Often a 1 or 2 man lift or easily trolley mounted.
  • Robust working principle. These pumps can run dry and self-prime without damage and can be used for abrasive fluids.
  • Easily serviced by the end-user. Despite most of the components being wearable parts such as diaphragms, balls and seats, these are all replaceable in straightforward procedures where you simply swap old for new.
  • Suitable for ATEX areas. Powered by compressed air and constructed in conductive materials, which is preferred in many hazardous environments.
  • Easily configured to your process. There is a wide range of accessories and material options to manage air consumption, flow rate and diaphragm protection. 

What are the restrictions? What else should I use?

The Verderair range is remarkably adaptable to most jobs, but there are a few pointers to consider:

Verderair VA air diaphragm pumps

For 85-90% of applications, the standard VA Industrial is all that is required. The VA range of diaphragm pumps include metallic & non-metallic models. 

Flow up to 1200 l/min

Verderair Pure air diaphragm pumps

air diaphragm chemical pump

For the most aggressive chemicals such as strong acids and bases, the Verderair Pure is a chemically inert pump made from 100% virgin PTFE or PE.

Flow up to 660 l/min

Verderair HI-CLEAN diaphragm pumps

Verderair Pure Pumps

Hygienic pumps for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries. EC1935/2004, 3A and FDA compliant with wetted materials high grade polished SS 316.

Flow up to 606 l/min

Special air diaphragm pumps

High pressure models with dual-mode operation making them excellent for filter press feed, drum pumps for emptying containers and split manifolds for pumping and mixing of two fluid streams.